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Energy & Climate Sovereign Risks Monitor

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Online research service dedicated to the assessment of energy & climate risks and their impacts on sovereign ratings.

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Sovereign Carbon Footprint

Portfolio simulation tool

Carbon Footprinting of sovereign bonds and aggregate portfolios.

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ESG Sovereign Factor-IN

ESG process

Adjusted financial ratings by factoring ESG indicators.

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We provide solutions to better assess sovereign risks, and make sounder investment decisions.

Long Term Investment

Leverage energy sector opportunities and climate risks in your strategy. Understand how energy markets and climate issues can become a game changer in your investment decisions. read more

Sustainable Investment

SRI / ESG investors are dealing with a fierce issue: assess a large number of criteria, from very diverse natures. Energy and Climate change issues are often included, but with very few insights on the reality and complexity of this sector. We offer to better integrate energy and climate risks factors, by leveraging our expertise and KPIs by country. read more

Market Anticipation

We identify energy & climate signals to optimize the performance of your investment portfolio. Interpreting correctly energy & climate events allow asset managers to anticipate market trends. read more

Energy and Climate have become systemic risks that strongly impact investment decisions.

New and unique risk assessment methodology

  • Disrutpive methodology to better factor energy & climate risks into sovereign risks
  • Normalized methodology for 50 countries
  • Advanced quantitative approach with proprietary KPIs and extensive data management
  • Reactive insights & alerts to keep our clients abreast of market
  • Experienced team of experts and analysts

Beyond Ratings’ objective is to raise awareness among the Finance industry on the emergency to integrate energy & climate risks in investment.
Beyond Ratings’ mission is to materialize energy & climate risks to grasp investment opportunities and optimize risk exposure for our clients
Beyond Ratings’ team gathers experience and expertise in Counterparty risk, Energy markets, Financial risk management, Socially Responsible Investment, Econometrics and Advanced statistics.

Beyond Ratings is a founding partner of the RISKERGY R&D project. It brings together research teams with international expertise to investigate these domains: coupling of economic and financial models, energy and macro-economy, multi-criteria optimization and risk scoring.

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