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ESG Scores & Scorecards

ESG performance scores and financial materiality assessment at country level.

Available for 175+ countries, our ESG performance score provides a unique approach to ESG integration, by highlighting impactful Environment, Social and Governance factors within financial analysis. Our exclusive ESG-adjusted GDP indicator provides an aggregated vision of the financial materiality of ESG factors by country. The ESG performance scorecard provides detailed assessment of the factors to monitor.

ESG Performance Scores

  • Aggregated ESG score by country, expressed in ESG-adjusted GDP per capita
  • Sub-score for Environment, Social, Governance factors
  • Comparable score for 175+ countries
  • Annual score evolution since 2000
  • Annual data update

ESG Performance Scorecards

  • ESG performance scorecards available for 175+ countries
  • 4 pages by scorecard
  • Around 220 ESG indicators, aggregated in:
    • 12 categories for Environmental factors
    • 12 categories for Social factors
    • 7 categories for Governance factors
  • Key drivers details
  • Strenghts & weaknesses detailed for E, S and G factors
  • Country rankings
  • Benchmarks to group peer (5 groups)
  • Evolution analysis

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Service Features

We provide ESG performance scores and scorecards for 200+ countries.
We can define the appropriate coverage to match with your investment universe.
We disclose the main characteristics of the ESG Factor-IN methodology.
The Scores and Scorecards are available through our web platform, and can be delivered via email or any convenient mean.
Our team of analysts are available to assist you in the understanding and use of these scores and scorecards.

Key Benefits

  • Leverage ESG factors to implement an augmented investment strategy for your sovereign assets
  • Focus immediately on the most significant E, S, G indicators uncovered for each country
  • Monitor performance discrepancies between E, S, G and GDP, as harbingers of upcoming market corrections
  • Translating E, S, G performance into economic and financial metrics for a larger integration in your investment strategy

Beyond Ratings is a member of 1% for the Planet. 1% of the profits from this product will be donated to nonprofits creating positive environmental impacts.

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