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Data feed

Data feed to support your financial and ESG analysis at country level.

Beyond Ratings has collected an extended set of national data to feed our methodologies and analysis. With a wide spectrum of topics, our data feed allows investment analysts to perform advanced financial and extra-financial analysis. Our proprietary indicators are also available, allowing a better integration of Environment, Social and Governance indicators into financial analysis.

Risk & macro-financial Data feed

  • 146 countries
  • Historical time series (annual and monthly)
  • Quarterly and yearly updates
  • Augmented risk score by country
  • Augmented risk sub-score by analytical pillar
  • Advanced proprietary indicators
  • 60 scoring variables by country

Analytical pillars:

  • Economic growth
  • Public finances
  • Socio-political stability
  • External position
  • Energy, Climate change, Natural resources

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ESG Data feed

  • 295 ESG indicators at country level
  • 175+ countries
  • ESG-adjusted GDP / capita : aggregated
  • E-Adjusted GDP / capita
  • S-adjusted GDP / capita
  • G-adjusted GDP / capita

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Carbon & Climate Data feed

  • Historical time series since 2000
  • Yearly updated
  • 175+ countries available
  • Primary data by sector, by usage
  • Advanced indicators (green proxy, brown proxys, stranded assets)

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Service Features

Our coverage is 146 to 200+ countries depending on the data feed. We can define the appropriate coverage to match with your investment universe.
We provide a glossary of all data series.
The data feeds arediffused through several means, from ftp server to xls spreadsheets sent by email.
Our team of analysts are available to assist you in the understanding and use of the data series.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit from our strong quantitative capabilities
  • Use quality data with timely update process and robust quality checks
  • Work with a wide array of country data to perform advanced macro-analysis

Beyond Ratings is a member of 1% for the Planet. 1% of the profits from this product will be donated to nonprofits creating positive environmental impacts.

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