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Country Carbon Reports

Assessment of the carbon performance and trends by country.

For 200+ countries, we produce an insightful carbon assessment report. Each report provides a series of graphs, data and advanced KPIs to disclose the most acurate picture of the carbon performance of the national economy, and its evolution.

Carbon Reports

For each country, A 2 pages report is available, covering 11 topics of carbon analysis:
1. Key Country information
2. Key Carbon Performance indicators
3. Country’s GHG/GDP ratio
4. Country’s GHG/GDP ratio at public sector level
5. Evolution of Territorial + imported and Public Secotr GHG / GDP
6. Green and Brown shares of primary energy use
7. GHG content of fossil fuel reserves and exports
8. Wealth-adjusted GHG/capita Abatment / Surplus
9. Historical GHG emissions
10. Key climate & natural hazards resilience indices
11. Climate change impats on GDP per capita

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Service Features

More than 200 country carbon reports are available.
We can define the appropriate coverage to match with your investment universe.
We disclose the main characteristics of the Carbon Assessment methodology.
The reports are available through our web platform, and can be delivered via email or any convenient mean.
Our team of analysts are available to assist you in the understanding and use of these country carbon reports.

Key Benefits

  • Robust quantitative capabilities to disclose the most acurate carbon assessment by country
  • Insightful overview of the carbon performance of countries
  • Useful information to monitor and optimize your investment portfolio
  • Harmonised approach to better benchmark countries

Beyond Ratings is a member of 1% for the Planet. 1% of the profits from this product will be donated to nonprofits creating positive environmental impacts.

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