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Standard Services

Data Feeds

Data feed to support your financial and ESG analysis at country level.

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Sovereign Risks Scores & Scorecards

Augmented Credit Risk Analysis with the integration of natural capital issues.

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Countries Carbon Reports

Assessment of the carbon performance and trends by country.

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Sovereign ESG Scores & Scorecards

ESG performance scores and financial materiality assessment at country level.

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Why a new independent research on sovereign bonds?

Beyond Ratings has developed an exclusive research dedicated to sovereign bond investors. With global coverage, our research brings a new angle to the sovereign risk analysis and investment opportunities identification. We offer an augmented financial analysis by combining macro-financial assessment with the integration of extra-financial risk factors and their impact on finances and economies.

How does our research fit into MIFID2 regulation?

The MIFID2 regulation dramatically changes the way investment research is valued. We provide flexible access to our research, offering adapted content that will match your investment universe with premium and valuable analysis. Our transparent, flexible, and competitive pricing makes Beyond Ratings’ research a sound alternative to optimize your research budget.

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