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Risk Management

Augmented analysis of macro-economic and financial risks

The world’s economy has to deal with major transition risks: climate change, energy transition, natural resources depletion. We assess the resilience of national economies to these risks. And we integrate these risk factors to offer an augmented evaluation of sovereign and country risk.

Beyond Ratings Products & Services

Our products & services are designed to assist risk managers in better assessing and integrating energy and climate related risks in their operations.

Sovereign Scoring

Advanced assessment including structural risks

Sovereign Risks Monitor

Online research service on sovereign credit rating

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Country Risks

Understand the exposure of countries vs. emerging risks

Uncover the financial materiality of risks

Monitor how energy, climate change, natural resources and ESG factors impact the performance of your investments

Risk Methodology

How do you integrate energy & climate, and ESG risks?

Integrate structural risks in your internal process

Leverage our proprietary quantitative KPIs and qualitative insights.

Custom Risk Research

Enhance your risk assessment

Deep dive into specific structural risks

Custom research to assess specific areas of macro risks

Why Choose Us

  • Coverage of 50+ countries: OECD, US zone, Asia, Emerging countries
  • Country Scoring: on energy & climate resilience and impacts on nation’s solvency
  •  Country Risks Scorecards: insightful analysis that details our score
  • Thematic analysis: focus on specific issues including geopolitics, policy, corporate strategy, energy prices & taxes, investments dynamics
  • Data analytics: access to a wealth of data on macro-economy, energy performance, climate change, public finances, debt, political & social stability, currency and exchange rates
  • Research team: timely support from our analysts

Clients testimonials

“I called on Beyond Ratings to set up an ambitious monitoring of climate risks. This required a lot of discussion to define the risk indicators, put in place the tools to manage the carbon trajectory of investments and succeed in quantifying scenarios.
I particularly appreciated the professionalism, the listening and the reactivity of my interlocutors.
The Beyond Ratings teams have thus provided answers and proposals with high added value, rich and relevant data, while agreeing to be challenging.
Overall, the work was carried out in a logic of partnership, which made it possible to bring meaning to the reporting and to reflect the commitment of GARANCE to fight against the global warming.”

Florent Combes, Chief Risk Officer, Garance (ex-MNRA)

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