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Long Term Investment

Climate change and energy transition are long term evolutions that potentially significantly impact long term investment.

Long term investments will be impacted by the effects of climate change and of energy transition. Have these risks factors been sufficiently assessed in the diligence of a specific project? At Beyond Ratings we help our clients refine their evaluation of the impacts of systemic risks on the return of their long term investments. We do not just provide new ESG criteria, but evaluate the financial materiality of these risks.

Beyond Ratings Products & Services

Our products & services provide long term investors with insightful and forward looking research and analysis.

Understand energy transition

Quantify the effects of climate change and energy resilience

Adapt your long term investment strategy

Our products & services are designed to enhance your investment strategy

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Optimize investments

Get more insights on investments risks & opportunities

Seize the opportunities of a new energy-climate paradigm

Assess the sustainability of your investments against energy & climate change issues

Infrastructure Investment

Are your projects exposed to energy & climate risks?

Assess value at risk

Review the performance of your infrastructure investment with our risk scoring methodology

Why Choose Us

  • Coverage of 50+ countries: OECD, US zone, Asia, Emerging countries
  • Country Scoring: on energy & climate resilience and impacts on nation’s solvency
  • Energy expertise: insightful research and analysis on key investment drivers
  • Data analytics: access to a wealth of data on macro-economy, energy performance, climate change, public finances, debt, political & social stability, currency and exchange rates
  • Research team: timely support from our analysts

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