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Financing Development

International and national development banks are increasingly active in integrating 21st century’s risks. They stand at the forefront of project financing best practices.

In the context of the transition towards a lower carbon economy, IFIs and NFIs’ challenge is to develop a strong financial governance and innovative financing schemes for their clients. And help them adapt to align their activity with the national climate objectives. Beyond Ratings assists these financial institutions to successfully develop their climate finance activity.

Beyond Ratings Products & Services

Country & Sovereign risk assessment

Assess how 21st century risks impact the credit worthiness of nations

Sovereign Risks Monitor

Augmented research service dedicated to sovereign credit rating, factoring 21st century’s risks. Read more

Monitoring Energy Transition

Are financed projects aligned with climate objectives?

Monitor your activity to reach national climate objectives

Use our INDC assessment tool to estimate business sectors contribution to INDC targets. Read more

Climate Stress Test

How climate resilient is your balance sheet?

Build a methodology aligned with your governance principles

We co-develop adapted methodologies to achieve climate stress-tests. Read more

Greening Financial Systems

How to shift the trillions?

Become a leader in decarbonization

Design, develop and implement new low carbon financial instruments / regulations with us. Read more

Country & Sovereign Risks Assessment

We have developed a proprietary methodology to assess country/Sovereign risks. It adds a complementary “ Energy, Climate and Natural Resources” pillar to the usual methodological framework. This allows us to integrate the production factor function of Energy and Natural resources, which is mostly overlooked by mainstream financial analysis. We also provide complementary indicators to main macro-economic metrics such as GDP and employment rate. We provide standard risk monitoring services, as well as tailor-made consultancy to assist the development of in-house scoring processes.

Available Services:

  • Access augmented financial scores and reports on country/Sovereign risks
  • Benefit from advanced indicators & adjusted metrics (GDP, Labour, Energy, Carbon content of the trade balance)
  • Enhance internal scoring processes
  • Build capacity on risk management within financial institutions you lend to


Monitoring Energy Transition

INDC are the new corner stone of international climate negotiations. Yet they lack comparable metrics and objectives among countries. Moreover they do not provide a consistent 2° compliant global scenario. We have developed an INDC assessment tools to detail sectorial breakdown of INDC targets and to check the consistency of national objectives with different global climate constraints. We also translate our expertise into performance index to rank countries performance in their transition to a low carbon and resilient economy.

Available Services:

  • Support the Governments in enhancing the robustness of their INDC.
  • Assist financial institutions to develop their climate strategy (metrics & methodology).
  • Help financial institutions integrate an assessment of projects compatibility with national climate objectives in their investment process (for coal sector investments for instance, as we did for a large European Corporate Investment Bank).


Climate Stress Test

The French energy transition law has recently introduced a mandatory climate-stress test for financial institutions. This regulatory evolution is likely to spread to other countries, especially following the recommendations of the Financial Stability Board task force on climate risks. However, no methodological reference framework is available yet. We have launched academic work (PhD) in collaboration with AFD (French Development Bank) to jointly develop a first implementation of a climate stress test of its balance sheet.

Available Services:

  • Assess the climate resilience of IFIs balance sheet.
  • Raise awareness and build capacity within financial institutions financed by IFIs through interactive workshops and methodology transfer.


Greening the Financial Governance

The financial sector can prove a powerful catalyst to the transition towards a low carbon economy, provided that the appropriate incentives are made available. We have developed an extensive understanding of the regulatory levies and public instruments that can me mobilised: ranging from guarantee schemes to adaptation of financial prudential ratios and including fiscal bonuses on green financial products. We work with Governments to grow capacities, assist the design of climate insurance schemes and support the evolution towards a greener financial regulation.

Available Services:

  • Work jointly with Beyond Ratings to develop an overall assessment of the state of the financial regulation in target countries and the associated greening potential.
  • Assist governments in the design of a green financial markets agenda, including among others:
    • evolution of the financial regulation to incentivize investments lowering climate change systemic risk
    • green bonds issuance
    • public guarantee schemes
    • climate change investment funds
    • low carbon savings accounts


Clients testimonials

Milandu Dubeka, Financial Management Specialist, Zambia Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience

“The assignment was handled in a professional, systematic, timely manner and with focus on the output relevant to the Country. Beyond Ratings Consultant’s willingness to go an extra mile to achieve the goal of the assignment has been impressive.”

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