My tailor is rich…indeed he comes from USA!

Recently published study from Crédit Suisse shows that world wealth grew by 6.4% between 2016 and 2017 (Global Wealth Report) reaching a record in terms of wealth per adult: USD 56,540.

Change in Household Wealth 2016-2017, by region

Wealth increase is, however, far from being fairly distributed. Indeed, the richest 0.7% got 50% of this yearly growth whereas the 70% poorest obtained only 6% of it. In other words, the 36 million of millionaires shared USD 12.1 Trillion and the 3.4 billion of people having less than USD 10,000 got on average USD 440. For people believing in a form of trickle-down economics, this could be considered as something good, for others it is an inequality gap increase that will obliterate future growth.

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