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Carbon Assessment Methodology

4 steps approach to provide a robust vision of the carbon intensity of countries and their pathways towards low carbon economies.

We collect the best CO2 emissions data from a variety of public and private sources.
For each country, we provide an assessment of the carbon intensity at several levels:
– public services emissions
– national emissions
– territorial emissions
– consumed emissions (including imported emissions)
We calculate a series of advanced indicators to better compare each country vs. its peers.
Some advanced indicators relate to:
– Green share of power production
– Brown share of power production
– Carbon intensity of fossil fuels reserves
We define relevant methodologies and ratios to provide an aggregated vision of the carbon footprint of investment portfolios along several asset classes.

Applications of Carbon Assessment Methodology

  • reporting needs to comply with regulatory obligations
  • risk analysis
  • sustainable asset management.

Our Carbon Assessment Methodology allows you to measure sovereign carbon footprints at portfolio or benchmark level, and to aggregate results with the analysis of corporates and other asset classes. Results can then be expressed under the form of a unique indicator.

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