No country for old men…but for women?

Percentage of women in lower/single court

Wealth is usually considered as a key driver for most of ESG criteria and the richer a country is, the higher its ESG performance is supposed to be. But some indicators are exceptions of this rule and the share of women in parliament is one of them. For instance, in the top 10 countries, 3 of them come from Africa and 4 from Latina America. United States of America is ranked 101/193 behind Saudi Arabia (99) and Indonesia (100). Cultural aspects can’t obviously be brushed aside and explain a large part of the differences. It also appears that law highly contributes to parity especially for top leading countries. For instance, Bolivia requires all parties to alternate male and female candidates in their list explaining the almost parity (53% of women). For Rwanda, the 2003 new constitution decreed that 30% of parliamentary seats to be reserved for women and 14 years later, results largely exceed this threshold with a world record of 61%.

Source: Beyond Ratings, Inter-parliamentary Union


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