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Sovereign Bonds Carbon Footprint

Measure and analyze your Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint analysis is attracting growing interest from investors, whether for reporting needs, risk analysis or sustainable asset management. This interest now extends to all asset classes beyond corporate assets, in particular to sovereign assets given their share in total investments.

Access to data is the first key step to understand why Carbon Footprint is a material issue for investors. This is why Beyond Ratings has developed a unique expertise in Carbon Footprint analysis for investors in sovereign assets. Our services allow you to measure sovereign carbon footprints at portfolio or benchmark level, and to aggregate results with the analysis of corporates and other asset classes. Results can then be expressed under the form of a unique indicator.

Beyond Ratings offers and develops its expertise through:

  • Standardized carbon footprint reports for clients investment portofolios (sovereign bonds & aggregate)
  • Customized Reports on carbon  footprint mobilizing key data alined with your investment process
  • Design of Key Performance Indicators to monitor their investment portfolios
  • Structured data sets for sovereign and aggregate carbon footprinting & reporting

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