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Beyond Ratings provides macro-financial scorings for an extended number of countries. Our scoring methodology leverages the best practices in macro-financial analysis, and is based on a strong quantitative basis, through advanced indicators and a national accounting assessment. Learn more

Beyond Ratings’ mission is to enhance the current practices of Risk assessment, by capturing financial materiality of the emerging risks of the 21st century, such as climate change, energy transition, natural resources depletion. Learn more

Beyond Ratings analyses the nation’s wealth capital, through the valuation of natural, human and infrastructure capital. We improve the quality of reporting of the “non-financial non-produced assets” in the nations balance sheets. Learn more

RISKERGY is a R&D programme dedicated to the coupling of economic and financial models, and the integration of energy as a productivity factor, besides capital and labour. The output of this R&D programme is a forecasting model with a 10 to 15 years time horizon, with market simulations through scenario building. Learn more

The carbon footprint of sovereign bonds and aggregate portfolio raise issues on the perimeter of public related CO2 emissions, and on how to allocate CO2 emissions between public sectors and private companies. Learn more

Beyond Ratings has developed a proprietary risk assessment methodology to evaluate the resilience of countries to energy and climate change related issues. This generic approach allow us to assess countries of very different risk profiles. Learn more

Water resources, land use, forestry, human capital, infrastructure,… A Nation’s wealth has to be valued in light of the country’s assets (stock). And on the dynamics of use of these resources. We offer advanced data and analysis on natural resources per country. Learn more

At Beyond Ratings, we consider that Environment, Social and Governance indicators must be assessed against their financial materiality. We are developing advanced statistical methodologies to evaluate the financial impacts of a selection of systemic issues that drive developed and emerging economies. Learn more

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