Tailored Services

Beyond Ratings provides tailored services to better integrate long term risks and develop new investment opportunities.

Risk & Rating

Rating Methodology

We provide support to allow our clients to integrate energy, environmental and climate related risks in their internal process of country and sovereign risk assessment and rating.

Custom Risk Research

Each country is exposed to specific risks as regards energy and climate change. We provide in-depth research for a specific country in your scope. We assess the materiality of these risks, and identify potential investment opportunities. Our team also provides thorough analysis on specific risks drivers according to your investment strategy.

Investment Solutions

Indices Design

Backed by an advanced quantitative architecture, we assist our clients in designing innovative indices, to reflect the situation of energy markets, assess climate vulnerability of specific geographies, or benchmark corporates on energy performance vs. reference indices.

Portfolio Optimization

How resilient is your investment portfolio to a series of potential risks, such as carbon tax, stranded assets, 2°C pathway? Beyond Ratings leverages its in-house expertise to analyse the exposure of bonds and aggregate investment portfolios to these risks, and recommend anticipation strategies in line with the client’s management policy.


Portfolio Audit & Reporting

We audit your portfolio on its exposure to energy and climate risks. We run stress-tests on sensitivity variables and assess the impacts of extreme energy and / or climate events on its performance. We build recommendations to optimise your portfolio if necessary.

Energy Transition & Climate Objectives

Climate Objectives & NDCs Assessment

In the context of the COP21, countries have announced their climate objectives through the submission of their NDC. But are these NDCs compliant with a 1,5°C global climate objective? How to assess the contribution by business sector to the national objective? We help our clients align their investment strategy with countries climate objectives.

Energy Climate Risk Indicator

We develop a new indicator to monitor the exposure to energy and climate risks of more than 50 countries issuing government debt. This quantitative indicator provides a simple assessment of a complex reality.

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