Our Monthly monitoring reports shed light on the international economy news of the past month with a physiocratic point of view.

  • The editorial either explicates links between physical assets and economic activity or highlights analyses, reports, forecasts and ratings of well-know actors to question their relevance when they overlook long term drivers of the economy.
  • Our international dashboard brings together key economic/energy-climate/markets indicators.
  • Our country dashboard tracks key indicators (external debt, terms of trade, industrial production and oil consumption) for close to 50 countries (Eurozone, OECD and BRICS).
  • Our press review underlines what has happened or has been said that should be brought to the attention of investors dealing with sovereign risks.
  • Last but not least we think that humour and sound risk analysis can go well together. We therefore sometimes adopt an irreverent tone and include in our report a cartoon as well as a play-list of the month.

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