Sovereign Risks Monitor

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Augmented Sovereign Risk Assessment Research Service combining macro-financial analysis with advanced risks factors.

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  • Global coverage: Eurozone, OECD, US, Asia, emerging countries
  • Augmented Risk assessment: combining strong macro-economic and financial analysis with advanced risks factors (energy, climate, natural resources, ESG factors)
  • Risk Score, watch & outlook: reviewed quarterly (85 countries)
  • Country Risks Scorecards: 10-pages report by country with fundamental and cyclical analysis (55 countries)
  • Advanced data & KPIs: on standard macro-economic factors and on advanced factors
  • Analyst’s Insights: reactive analysis of markets developments, evaluation of key sensitivity factors
  • Critical News: continuously updated, customised alerts
  • Online content platform with easy export features
  • Access to Research Team: timely support from our analysts
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Key Features

The Sovereign Risks Monitor is accessible via an online platform that centralizes all our premium content.

Additional Modules

Monthly Meeting

One hour brief on the topic you select, each month

Your monthly meeting with BR analysts

Optional module dedicated to your analysts, to get insights from our experts and analysts on specific topics of your interest.

Quarterly Conjoncture Note

Synthetic and insightful analysis customized to your area of interest

Your presentation to the board

Each quarter we prepare a series of analysis to keep you on top of a selection of risk topics defined jointly.

Sensitivity Analysis

Evaluation of your risk exposure vs. macro-economic scenarios

Monitoring your risk exposure

Assessment of your investment portfolios performance vs. macro-economic simulations.

Why Choose Us

  • Access an all-in-one risk methodology (macro-finance, energy, climate, natural resources, ESG factors)
  • Discriminate countries risks exposure with our advanced risk factors
  • Deploy advanced quantitative indicators to monitor sovereign risks
  • Work with a timely updated suite of data, news, insights and reports available on a single web platform

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