Benefit from an augmented Credit Score

Covering 85 countries, our quarterly Credit Score strongly outperforms financial ratings to anticipate spreads, CDS and FX variations. It integrates structural and conjuncture KPIS on Growth, Public Finance, External Position, Socio-Political stability, as well as a proprietary pillar capturing EnergyClimate-Natural Resources financial materiality. Associated Score-cards allow you to dig into the Score, sub-Score, Outlook and Watch rationale. Access to analysts provide reactive analysis to the news flow.


Global score and sub-score by pillar, outlook and watch

Quarterly update since 2010

85 sovereign issuers covered: FROM EEE+ (best) to E- (worst)


10 pages report by country with fundamental and cyclical analysis

55 sovereign issuers covered (OECD and non OECD)


Historical time series on all KPIs

Analyst Insights

Reactive analysis of markets developments, evaluation of key sensitivity factors