Sovereign Carbon Footprint

Portfolio simulation tool

Measure & report the carbon footprint of your sovereign bonds & aggregate portfolio

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  • 200 countries: OECD, Europe, US, Asia, Emerging countries
  • Exclusive carbon footprint methodology for sovereign and aggregate portfolios
  • Consistency with Trucost footprint approach
  • Country carbon reports to get a clear vision of the carbon trajectory by country
  • Proprietary KPIs for refined carbon activity assessment of countries
  • Research Team: timely support from our analysts
  • Online service available in English
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Sovereign / Country Carbon Footprint

Expand your carbon footprint to sovereign portfolio

New methodology

Report the carbon footprint of sovereign and aggregate protfolio with our robust methodology

Portfolio Simulation Tool

All you need is entering your portfolio data

Assess all your portfolios

Assess the carbon content of all your portfolios, both sovereign bonds and aggregate

Customized Portfolio Report

Generate your carbon report by portfolio

Reporting made easy

For every portfolio simulated, a report is automatically built

Partnering with Trucost

Carbon footprint brought to a new level

Coherent methodologies

Our carbon footprint methodology has been developed to provide full consistency with Trucost approach

Key Features

Our Sovereign Carbon Footprint provides country research and a portfolio simulation tool to make your reporting easy.

Why Choose Us

      • Expand your carbon footprint to sovereign bonds
      • Work with a carbon footprint approach aligned with our partner Trucost
      • Understand the dynamics of carbon intensity by country
      • Use a intuitive tool to simulate your portfolio vs. carbon content
      • Use our advanced analytical features to identify new investment opportunities

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