CLAIM Portfolio Temperature Assessment

Current methodologies to allocate national carbon budgets focus on a limited number of allocation criteria and therefore are criticized for missing relevant information. CLAIM (Climate Liabilities Assessment Integrated Methodology) is a proprietary and unique methodology to analyse country climate strategies and provide an assessment of sovereign bond climate risk exposure.

The methodology offers a consistent analysis at a granular level, allowing investors to go further in their carbon disclosure reporting and offering unique insights for long-term risk management.

With increasing attention being paid to the environmental impacts of investment, investors can no longer ignore the potential of climate change to influence their reputations. As both a tool for analysis and communication of climate engagements, CLAIM can be a powerful tool to protect or improve investor reputation.

Furthermore, asset owners are increasingly requiring E,S,G issues to be addressed by their external managers. Asset managers using CLAIM will find the methodology helpful in keeping existing management mandates and in winning new ones.

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