Article 173 – Climate Reporting

We help our clients comply with the French Article 173 regarding Climate Reporting of investment portfolios.

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Article 173 of the “Loi de Transition Energétique” requires investors to report on how their activities contribute to the energy and ecological transition and the the fight against climate change (risk management policy and investment).

Beyond Ratings’ expertise is based on the methodology developed to reveal the financial materiality of ESG factors in general and energy-climate factors in particular (physical climate risks, transition risks, reputational risks). Our methodology applies to the analysis of all portfolios, both SRI portfolios and mainstream portfolios.

Carbon Footprint

Comprehensive reporting of the carbon footrpint of your porfolios

Let us produce your climate report

We have already assessed portfolios for a total of more than 75 billions of assets under management.

ESG performance

Analyze rhe ESG performance of your portolios

Integrate significant ESG factors

Use our breakthrough methodology of ESG factors integration into financial analysis.

Climate Objectives

How does it affect your portfolios?

CO2 national pathways analysis

Assess the exposure of your portfolios to the impacts of energy transition.

What do we do?

Beyond Ratings leverages its competence to provide useful solutions to the requirements of Article 173.


Compare countries

Assess the contribution of each country vs. the carbon footprint of your portfolio.


Run a test of your portfolio

Share with us a sample of your SSA portfolio (Sovereign, Supra, Agencies), we will test the coverage and availability of requested data, and restitute at an aggregated level the following information:

  • weighted average of the CO2 emisisons (total territorial + imported emissions / GDP), in absolute terms
  • compared with a benchmark
  • a suggested advanced indicator

Test your portfolio


  • from expertise and innovation to report on sovereign bonds: Beyond Ratings helped a mutual fund candidate for the International prize of the best climate report for investors; The client was awarded a special mention (cf. press release) ;
  • from a reckoned experience. In 2016, Beyond Ratings assisted French and International institutional investors managing more than  EUR 75 billion sovereign bonds in the assessment of the exposure of their investment portfolios to energy and climate risks.
  • from a network of partners allowing to cover all asset classes (Trucost, Grizzly Responsible Investment, I-Care Environnement, …)