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Standard Services

A suite of services to provide investors and risk managers Augmented Credit Risk analysis & ESG Research. Data feeds, performance scores, country scorecards are available for up to 200+ countries. Our clients use these services to better integrate new risk parameters embedded in energy, climate change, natural capital, environment, social and governance factors.

Extended Coverage

With a coverage of up to 200+ countries, we match your investment universe.

Quantitative Capabilities

Extensive use of data to build financial analysis services that integrate new risk signals for new investment ideas.

Access to analysts

Our team of experts and analysts provide reactive assistance and insights on our services, to optimize clients’ satisfaction.

Discover our standard services

We provide augmented credit risk analysis & ESG-climate research and integrate extra-financial risks into financial analysis.

Bespoke Services

We help our clients improve their internal processes and investment strategies as regards ESG integration. Leveraging our expertise and quantitative methodologies, we provide tailored services to design the adapted solution.

Carbon Footprint

We analyze the carbon performance of your investment portfolios.

Augmented Risk Assessment

We integrate new risks signals within your risk assessment framework.

ESG integration

We design the adapted strategy and action plan to better integrate ESG factors in your investment acivities.

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Innovative Credit Risk & ESG integration methodologies

Beyond Ratings continuously develops and enhances its breakthrough quantitative methodologies. We are active in R&D developments, working closely with technical partners, think tanks, academics and our clients to deliver adapted services and solutions.

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Risk Management

Environmental risks are increasingly monitored by companies and investors. Climate extreme events and climate policies are also bringing structural changes in the performance drivers of economies. We bring our expertise to assess the risks exposure of national economies and its impact on creditworthiness. We help our clients improve the integration of these risk factors within their risk assessment process. read more

Asset Management

Investors are more actively integrating ESG factors and climate risk exposure within their investment strategies and portfolio management. We provide sovereign bonds investors data, analytical tools and advisory services to design an adapted strategy, enhance their carbon reporting, and help them engage in a more sustainable pathway within their investment practices. read more

Long-term Investment

Long term investors will be impacted by the effects of macro transition, such as climate change and of energy transition. Have these risks factors been sufficiently assessed in the diligence of a specific project? At Beyond Ratings we help our clients refine their evaluation of the impacts of systemic risks on the return of their long term investments. read more

Financing Development

In the context of the transition towards a lower carbon economy, IFIs and NFIs’ challenge is to develop a strong financial governance and innovative financing schemes for their clients. And help them adapt to align their activity with the national climate objectives. Beyond Ratings assists these financial institutions to successfully develop their climate finance activity. read more

We help our clients anticipate long term risks and seize new investment opportunities.

Why Beyond Ratings?

  • Unique team of professionals at the crossroads between financial analysis, ESG analysis, and energy & climate expertise
  • Strong quantitative capabilities
  • Development of exlusive statistical methodologies to integrate relevant ESG factors into financial analysis
  • Range of standard and bespoke service to offer dedicated to the financial industry
Beyond Ratings’ objective is help the Finance industry better integrate structural factors in their risk policy and identify new investment opportunities.
Beyond Ratings’ mission is to assess the financial materiality of the numerous risk factors countries are exposed to, to grasp investment opportunities while optimizing risk exposure for our clients
Beyond Ratings’ team gathers experienced professionals in Counterparty risk, Energy markets, Financial risk management, Socially Responsible Investment, Econometrics and Advanced statistics.
Beyond Ratings is a founding partner of the RISKERGY R&D project. It brings together research teams with international expertise to investigate these domains: coupling of economic and financial models, energy and macro-economy, multi-criteria optimization and risk scoring.

How can we help?

Client Project 1

For a leading asset manager, we designed an energy-climate performance index covering 60 countries. Each country is assigned a score and is ranked against its peers.

Client Project 2

For a major development bank, we integrated our exclusive risk assessment methodology within the client’s risk matrix, to fully cover energy & climate issues.

Client project 3

For an infrastructure fund, we adapted our exclusive risk methodology to challenge the long term assumptions of a specific infrastructure investment in the USA.