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Beyond Ratings and ODDO BHF Natural Capital Breakfast Meeting

April 24th, 2017

Beyond Ratings and ODDO BHF are pleased to be presenting at the Natural Capital, between risk and opportunity (in French: Le capital naturel, entre facteur de risque et opportunité) breakfast meeting on May 11, 2017. Featuring Nicolas JACOB, Responsable de la recherche ESG at Oddo BHF, and Hadrien LANTREMANGE, Natural Capital Specialist at Beyond Ratings, this event will take place at ODDO BHF’s Paris headquarters, at 12 bd de la […]

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Beyond Ratings sponsor of the The 2nd Annual Global Impact Investment Conference in Geneva

April 6th, 2017

Beyond Ratings is pleased to be a sponsor of the Second Annual Global Impact Investment Conference, taking place on May 18th 2017 in Geneva.

Organized by ESAFON, this year’s conference theme is Implementing a Global Impact Investment Strategy: Trends & Considerations for Asset Allocators, Family Offices & Institutional Investors. The conference will highlight the latest R&D techniques and metrics concurring to the widening of investment flows into the impact market.

Beyond Ratings […]

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Social Performance and States Economic Growth

March 21st, 2017

Social Performance and States Economic Growth
A substantial academic literature, yet sometimes contradictory, describes the ambivalent links between economic growth on the one hand and non-financial aspects of human development such as health or education on the other. From an empirical point of view, it appears that the economic growth of a country is usually accompanied by an improvement in its social level. The reverse relationship is debated: Is a higher-than-expected […]

Sovereign Risks Monitor

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Augmented sovereign risk assessment combining macro-financial analysis with the integration of structural risks factors.

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55 countries are covered in the service, accounting for more than 90% of global public debt
Full fledged methodology to materialize structural risks by country, including energy transition and natural resources as economic drivers, and climate change as a key external risk factor.
Our team of experts and analysts are available to exchange with you on specific issues related to energy, climate risks, public finances, ISR, and macro-economy

Sovereign Carbon Footprint

Portfolio simulation tool

Carbon Footprinting of sovereign bonds and aggregate portfolios.

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ESG Sovereign Factor-IN

ESG process

Adjusted financial ratings by factoring ESG indicators.

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We provide solutions to better assess sovereign risks, and make sounder investment decisions.

Risk Management

Countries' economies and societies have to adapt to a set of rising transition risks: climate change, energy transition, natural resources, demography structure. These structural risks will strongly impact countries performance and creditworthiness. We bring our expertise to improve the integration of structural and transition risk factors in the country and sovereign risk assessment. read more

Asset Management

We help sovereign bonds investors in their operations with carbon footprint reporting, and by assessing the performance of investment portfolios on new risks factors, both financial and extra-financial (Environment, Social, Governance). read more

Long-term Investment

Long term investments will be impacted by the effects of macro transition, such as climate change and of energy transition. Have these risks factors been sufficiently assessed in the diligence of a specific project? At Beyond Ratings we help our clients refine their evaluation of the impacts of systemic risks on the return of their long term investments. read more

Financing Development

In the context of the transition towards a lower carbon economy, IFIs and NFIs’ challenge is to develop a strong financial governance and innovative financing schemes for their clients. And help them adapt to align their activity with the national climate objectives. Beyond Ratings assists these financial institutions to successfully develop their climate finance activity. read more

Energy and Climate have become systemic risks that strongly impact investment decisions.

New and unique risk assessment methodology

  • Augmented risk assessment methodology that integrates energy and natural resources as key economic drivers, and climate change as a primary external risk
  • Normalized risk assessment methodology for 55 countries
  • Advanced quantitative approach with proprietary KPIs and extensive data management
  • Reactive insights & alerts to keep our clients abreast of market
  • Experienced team of experts and analysts
Beyond Ratings' objective is help the Finance industry better integrate structural factors in their risk policy and identify new investment opportunities.
Beyond Ratings’ mission is to assess the financial materiality of the numerous risk factors countries are exposed to, to grasp investment opportunities while optimizing risk exposure for our clients
Beyond Ratings' team gathers experienced professionals in Counterparty risk, Energy markets, Financial risk management, Socially Responsible Investment, Econometrics and Advanced statistics.
Beyond Ratings is a founding partner of the RISKERGY R&D project. It brings together research teams with international expertise to investigate these domains: coupling of economic and financial models, energy and macro-economy, multi-criteria optimization and risk scoring.

How can we help?

Client Project 1

For a leading asset manager, we designed an energy-climate performance index covering 60 countries. Each country is assigned a score and is ranked against its peers.

Client Project 2

For a major development bank, we integrated our exclusive risk assessment methodology within the client's risk matrix, to fully cover energy & climate issues.

Client project 3

For an infrastructure fund, we adapted our exclusive risk methodology to challenge the long term assumptions of a specific infrastructure investment in the USA.